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Information & Referral:

BIAKS-GKC is part of the National Brain Injury Information Center. Call 800-444-6443 or 913-754-8883 to request help.

We provide information about programs and services available in Kansas and Missouri–including social service agencies, healthcare agencies, physicians, counselors, rehabilitation facilities, disability benefits, etc. BIAKS-GKC works to provide timely information, assess client needs and present appropriate material to aid in making informed decisions.

Support Groups:

Peer or professionally- led support groups are comprised of individuals who’ve been affected by brain injury and their family members. Support groups provide a safe environment to discuss issues, ask for help, express frustration and learn strategies to cope with a “new normal.” BIAKS-GKC has listings for support groups throughout Kansas and the metro Kansas City area. Click here for support group information.

Why You Should Attend A TBI Support Group

Living with a brain injury can be lonely. It helps to know you are not alone – whether you are an individual who’s been affected by a brain injury or a family caregiver. Many people who go to a support group express relief in finally finding others who “get it.

Benefits of a Support Group:

For Individuals affected by a brain injury:
• Be accepted for who you are now – not for who you were before
• Learn information that is relevant and understandable
• Express your feelings in a place where they will be supported, accepted, and understood
• Provide others an opportunity to be understood
• Practice social skills with people who will be OK with “slip-ups”

For family members and loved ones:

• Find a forum for problem-solving
• Get a better handle on managing cognitive & behavioral changes
• Discuss and learn about individual and family adjustment issues

There are support groups throughout Kansas and the Greater Kansas City Metro area. Support group leadership varies – some are run by individuals who’ve been affected by brain injury or have a family member with a brain injury. Some support groups are led by healthcare professionals working in the brain injury field. Although groups may receive technical assistance from BIAKS-GKC, they are independent and do not necessarily reflect the views or official positions of BIAKS-GKC. Click Here  for a listing of Kansas City area & statewide support groups


Public Awareness & Education – Efforts to raise brain injury awareness through presentations, public service campaigns and special events
Advocacy – Serving as the voice of the brain injury community in the legislative and policy making process.
Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteer experiences and meaningful internships focused on important BIAV projects.
Prevention – bicycle helmets distributed free to children in-need to  help prevent brain injury that occurs from a fall or accident.



Annual Professional Conferences – Conferences will be held on Aug. 4 & 5 in Overland Park, KS. and Nov.18 in Wichita, KS.
Consortium list serve – Timely information provided online and at regularly scheduled meetings for BIAKS-GKC affiliated healthcare professionals
Membership – Open to anyone who has an interest in supporting BIAKS-GKC. Membership benefits include discounts to the Professional Conference, quarterly newsletters, and a subscription to the Brain Injury Association of America Challenge magazine. Annual membership dues are considered a donation and help BIAKS-GKC fund programs and services

Facing a brain injury is a difficult challenge. The Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City is here to help. BIAKS is part of the National Brain Injury Information Center. Call 800-444-6443 or 913-754-8883, extension 1, to reach our Program Director.