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To further the vision of BIAKS to support people living with a brain injury live their lives to the fullest, our organization is currently working to implement the 2023-2028 strategic plan to advance the independence, well-being and health of people with brain injuries.

BIAKS has convened a Brain Injury Advisory Board in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services to monitor and execute the plan’s activities. Currently BIAKS is seeking individuals to serve on the Advisory Board. Click here for more information.

BIAKS-GKC also sponsors an advocacy Day in Topeka each year-usually in March during Brain Injury Awareness month. This year the event is scheduled for March 14. This is an opportunity to reach out and educate elected officials about brain injury and propose/support new legislation that would have a positive impact for those affected by a brain injury, their caregivers and family members.  To find out more about Advocacy Day, click here.  To find out more about legislative issues, send your contact information to: jluttman@biaks.org –subject line: Legislative Mailing List.

Additionally, BIAKS-GKC partners with the Brain Injury Association of America on legislative issues on a federal level. Our success depends on you, and your advocacy makes a difference.

Improve Access to Quality Brain Injury Care

  • Becoming a member of BIAKS-GKC – stay up to date on the latest developments on laws and funding. To become a member: (Click Here)
  • Let your senators and congressmen, both at the state and federal level, know how you feel about current legislation. Use the links below to find out who currently represents you in your state and on the federal level.




Raising Awareness:

Tell your personal story to lawmakers and the media. Attend the BIAKS-GKC Annual Brain Injury Awareness Day in Topeka. There are many ways to advocate and share your story and your needs with your elected officials and public servants.

  • Anyone can lobby a legislator and advocate for a cause or issue, but if you’re a constituent – residing in the representative’s district or state– what you have to say invariably means more and makes your voice more powerful.
  • A personal letter (or e-mail) is more effective than a phone call, but a phone call can have a significant impact, especially when compared to a form letter. That’s because a staff person from the legislator’s office will typically handle a phone call, record the important information, and relay the message to the legislator, whereas legislators will occasionally bring the most moving letters with them when it is time to vote on a bill. The bottom line is that whether expressed to a legislator in person, by phone, by email, or by letter, your voice is important and makes a difference!

BIAKS-GKC can brief you on issues, provide you with talking points, help you find your elected officials. Facing a brain injury is a difficult challenge. The Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City is here to help.  Call 800-444-6443 or 913-754-8883, extension 1, to reach our Program Director.

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