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Living with a brain injury can be lonely. It helps to know you are not alone – whether you are an individual who’s been affected by a brain injury or a family caregiver. Many people who go to a support group express relief in finally finding others who “get it.”

BIAKS Support Groups

Benefits of a Support Group:

For Individuals affected by a brain injury:

  • Be accepted for who you are now – not for who you were before
  • Learn information that is relevant and understandable
  • Express your feelings in a place where they will be supported, accepted, and understood
  • Provide others an opportunity to be understood
  • Practice social skills with people who will be OK with “slip-ups”

For Family members and loved ones:

  • Find a forum for problem-solving
  • Get a better handle on managing cognitive & behavioral changes
  • Discuss and learn about individual and family adjustment issues

Finding the right support group:

  • Attend the support group at least twice before deciding if it’s for you. The mix of people who show up at any given meeting will influence the feel of the get-together.
  • Introduce yourself to the leader or facilitator and let them know if you have any special needs such as difficulty speaking, hearing or if you just feel shy.
  • Try more than one group if you have a choice in your community. Every group has its own style.

There are support groups throughout Kansas and the Greater Kansas City Metro area. Support group leadership varies—some are run by individuals who’ve been affected by brain injury, or have a family member with a brain injury. Some support groups are led by healthcare professionals  working in the brain injury field. Although  groups may receive technical assistance from BIAKS-GKC, they are independent  and do not necessarily reflect the views or official positions of BIAKS-GKC. Click here for a listing of local & statewide support groups.

Facing a brain injury is a difficult challenge. The Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City is here to help.  Call 800-444-6443 or 913-754-8883, extension 1, to reach our Program Director.