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Unmasking Brain Injury

Lois’s Story

Hello, My name is Lois, I had a walking stumbling fall I landed on the right side of my face and head. I must of landed on the only soft spot in my head. I was walking into work so it was not considered as work comp. I was the Hiring Clerk for Ottawa, KS warehouse. I don’t work now. From my injuries I was left with PTSD, short term memory loss, can’t stay on task all the time, trouble finishing a project, dizziness, not always sure footed. I came out of the Dr’s office with a cane to help me walk with. I haven’t needed it for about 2years now, thanks to Minds Matters. Confusion, it takes me time in figuring out simple task. I usually get it but it may take me a while or a day or two.

The black and white of it that’s to hard to explain to people that have never been there. The White of it, you are almost always in a gray haze. Your lucky if you have very many clear days. The red is the brain and the black and silver stands for when a person has a serge in their head or short sercut bored in your head. Once you have that calmed down you have the fear of a migraine coming on with eye sight being bleary there is a lot of things that could happen. This is what shiny silver around the eye brow and temple area is for, MIGRAINES. I have headaches everyday thank goodness there not all migraines. The Black part of the mask is: That people can’t see your ingeries you do not have one. When I had my cane everyone was there to help but as soon as I gave my cane up no one was around to help even though I still had confusion, short term memory didn’t go away, pain in the face so that is connected to the head. The letters and numbers is where some of the confusion comes from how to spell, math, everyday things you need to do can’t always do. Never needed to have an agenda on what I need to do in the morning, afternoon and at night. Never needed a grocery list now I do. Then it takes everything I have to get out and want to do. The black curlicues are little tornadoes that you have everyday of your life now they help spin you out of control. Not knowing if your doing what is expected of you or trying to please the ones that matter to you and if you don’t please the ones you want to. I’m a cryer and go hide and cry it out myself I’m not a screamer, stomper or yeller. I rather be the one you don’t hear or see, invisible to the ones I can’t please and to the ones that doesn’t want to understand when I can’t see how, the Y of it, or the were. I can’t remember numbers or all types of names of something or someone. People get very eretated over this and I understand and I’d love to please them but I just can’t do it for them.

My Team Matters ladies are so helpful and kind. I wouldn’t be as far along as I am because of them. I appreciate and love everyone of my lady’s, even the ones I don’t need any more. I hope they know I’m ready for them at our time of meeting and enjoy what we do every week. Thank All of You for Listening to me.