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Unmasking Brain Injury

Timothy’s Story

The red around the rim of the mask represents my trauma and the mix of color in my forehead represents bilateral frontal lobe injury. The microphone is who I was and can still be heard on the internet – both my music and numerous interviews of important people. That is me in the wheelchair looking at art at The Nelson and up at the musician I was – smiling – and a shamrock I drew because of my love for Irish music. The chart at the top of my brain is one of many I created as I arranged and wrote music for myself and other musicians to perform.

Finally, “Gracias Kansas”, where I grew up and returned to and now live with my mother. It is here I hope to regain my strength and my purpose, guided by the state slogan “Ad Astra per Aspera”, “To the Stars through Difficulties”. I am grateful to live in Kansas, to have people who bring me hope, and to live in the security that I am cared for with kindness and love.

Because of the programs for TBI in Kansas, I am able to spend time in the community and to serve as a role model for the disabled. Someday I hope to spend time with high school and college students to show them what alcohol can lead to when it is abused at a young age. I appreciate the fact that the cause of my accident is not judged and that I am respected and loved by the wonderful caregivers and representatives in Kansas.