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Unmasking Brain Injury

Cristal’s Story

Not remembering well. Feeling overwhelmed when looking at my weekly calendar.

Right side is the items that are most important to me. These include staying positive and my kids. The finger over my mouth represents when I had troubles with my speech and coming up with the wrong words. The left side shows some of the biggest struggles I have had since my accident. These include Anger, lots of drama, and of course the accident itself which took place on a Harley Davidson. The eye represents my loss of my eyesight after the accident that I had to regain use of. Forehead question marks represent all the questions I have had and still have. “Isn’t over” describes how recovery is a never ending process and I am not done yet. “So What Do You Do Now?” There are so many new unknowns. I have to find the new me in my new situation.